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The Sale Christadelphians are a group of Bible believers from Manchester, in the UK. We are just a small part of the worldwide Christadelphian community, bound together by our common belief in the Gospel message, and by baptism into Jesus’ name.

We base our faith entirely on the Bible, and our beliefs on those of the original First Century Christians. We believe that God sent his son, Jesus Christ, into the world to be both an example and sacrifice for anyone who is willing to turn to God and follow his commandments.

Our aim is to "seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness," looking forward to the return of Jesus to the earth to set up the Kingdom of God.

Who Are We? “ ” What’s On? Bible Study

Youth Club

We meet every Friday at 7:30PM. For secondary school age and above

7-11 Club

Awesome activities every Thursday at 6:45PM for kids aged 7-11 years old

Sunday School

Sunday mornings at 9:30AM. Sunday School resources also available for teachers

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The Bible and the British Museum.pdf

The Bible and the British Museum

(Sun 2:30PM)